Thursday, September 6, 2007

Voltron Movie gets green light!

New Regency is looking to assemble its own giant robot movie.

The 20th Century Fox-based production entity is close to a deal with the Mark Gordon Co. to adapt "Voltron: Defender of the Universe" into a live-action film.

Gordon has been developing the pic, based on the popular 1980s Japanese animated TV series, comicbooks and toy line, with Justin Marks penning the script.

Should the deal close, project would be one of the company's more high-profile efforts since Robert Harper took over as chairman-CEO of Regency Filmed Entertainment earlier this year.

Interest in the property hit a high after "Transformers" turned into a box office juggernaut, raking in nearly $300 million to date.

New Regency, which hasn't had a major hit since "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" in 2005, sparked to the idea of a potential franchise.

Company's upcoming pics include "Alvin and the Chipmunks," the Doug Liman-directed "Jumper," the Alexandre Aja-helmed "Mirrors" and the Eddie Murphy starrer "Starship Dave."
Marks' take is described as a post-apocalyptic tale set in New York City and Mexico. Five ragtag survivors of an alien attack band together and end up piloting the five lion-shaped robots that combine and form the massive sword-wielding Voltron that helps battle Earth's invaders.

Gordon will produce with Lawrence Inglee and Jordan Wynn, who are shepherding the project at the Gordon Co., which has Roland Emmerich's "10,000 B.C." bowing next from Warner Bros. Mark Costa and Ford Oelman are exec producers.

"Voltron" pic has been in the works for nearly three years, with Jim Young's Animus Films funding its development.

Marks has become a go-to guy in Hollywood for comicbook, videogame and toy-based adaptations.

He is adapting "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" for Joel Silver at Warner Bros., as well as the Green Arrow pic "Supermax," also at the studio. Marks also has "Street Fighter" in the works at Hyde Park and Fox.

Source: Marc Gaser


jediknight said...

Thanks for the info. Does anyone have any ideas for the movie? I saw on one site where someone obtained the script and it mentioned it taking place on a ravaged earth where Alura and Koran were building the lions. I did not like the premise that much or the character backgrounds. I believe that the movie should hold true with a Galaxy Garrison fighting the evils of Zarkon and the assembly of the Votron force setting out to find or "stumbling" across the secret weapon of prophecy...Voltron!
If this movie is done right, similar to Transformers, it will be a hit.

mousewords said...

I agree! While I think that the existing script idea actually sounds like it would make an awesome movie, I don't think it's the best VOLTRON movie premise. classic is always best in matters like these. :):)

kaipur said...

I actually don't like the premise. In their zest to capture the moment of glory that Transformers brought, these people are going to end of screwing up the story and movie before it even becomes a franchise. They should stick closer to the root story and stop trying to turn every property into "martians invade earth heroes must defend us" type of scenario. Been there done that. Waaayyyy too often.

Anonymous said...

umm since i am a transformers junkie and i bet ya'll will never read this so its a waste but no they didnt stick to the original transformers.. hahah how dumb are you... they changed energon cubes to well whatever it was called in the movie and it was only one and when did megatron ever crashland somewhere and was stuck forever and for one thing by himself.. ok im not going into how that was really nothing like the original basis except that yes there were on earth but in the movie they only came here cuz one cube was here and that one cube is there only chance for survival..anyway its not 1980's anymore and thank god i was born in 84 so didint have to live in that hell hole of a decade but listen they know were not gonna be flying oh hey as they say in voltron we can go its only 10 light yrs away..!! i mean ok like i said we know now that wont be happening anytime soon so i think they'll stay alil more to the realistic side of it and have them come here.. which earth on voltron was that galaxy whatever place.. so im sure with those two minds workng on it they'll have a story here on earth that we'll all like.. i wouldnt want them off in the middle of the universe fighting and stuff thats not as cool as if they were all from earth and saved it and so on... come on its not 198whatever anymore

Anonymous said...

Something had to be changed about the movies transformers. But even though megatron was already crashlanded into earth it pretty much capture the feel of the real story. The movie was awesome, and if they stick to most of voltrons real story, then the movie will be a success just like transformers. If they do come up with voltron they better not crap out the colors of the lions...kinda like they did with the flames on optimus! BLah! but whatever, for the most part they just gotta stick to what we grew up with and thats VOLTRON!!!!!!

Ryan Garana said...

This is true i have read rumors about this. I knew right after I've watched Transformers the movie it flash to my mind that someday I might see a Voltron movie. Nice catch Allan don't know if you still know me. I'll be dropping my blogsite here ok.

PopHeroFigures said...

Should be interesting how Voltron will shape up since we'll have had 2 Transformers movies already in play by then. IMDB has Transformers 2 for 2009, Voltron for 2008.

Anonymous said...

Hold on Anonymous Said...

Now, I haven't got past your Feb 26 posting yet. I actually just found this site, but I have some things to say to you about your post.

You posted:
"...anyway its not 1980's anymore and thank god i was born in 84 so didint have to live in that hell hole of a decade..."

Listen up, your generation wouldn't know a good decade of cartoons if it bit you in the ass. The 80s was the greatest decade for cartoons for many reason. First off, because they were not all CG cartoons you find today. Secondly, the majority of cartoons you find today are based off of those of the 80s. Lets look at what the late 70s and almost all of the 80s brought us.

Adventures of Popeye (78-81)
Alvin and the Chipmunks (83-91)
Captain caveman (80-81,86-88)
Centerions (85-86)
Danger Mouse (84-87)
Dragons Lair (84-85)
Dungeons and Dragons (83-87)
Flintstones (80-81)
GI Joe (83-87)
He Man and masters of the Universe (83-87)
Inspector Gadget (82-86)
Jetsons (84-88)
Pole Position (84-86)
qbert (83)
Robotech (85-86)
Shazam! (81)
Silver Hawks (85-87)
Smurfs (81-86)
Space Ghost (81-82)
Spiderman and his amazing friends
Star Blazers (79-81)
Super Friends Hour (80-83)
Thundarr the Barbarian (80-82)
Thundercats (85)
Thundersharks (87)
Transformers (84-88)
Visionaries: Knights of Magical Lights (87)
Voltron,Defender of the Universe

And I am sure there were plenty more not mentioned. That decade also brought tons of classic movies, memorable music, and great moments in sports, so how can you call that a hell hole of a decade? Ok, fashion sence went out the window, but I was there, and at the time parachute pants and bandanas tied around your legs were cool, especially when you were supporting a pair of Kangaroo's or Packrats on your feet. 80s gave us hot chicks, break dancing, and bad ass cartoons, movies, and tv shows. Every decade has gotten worst since the 80s. The 90s brought us what? A purple dinosaur and a purple male teletubbie that carries a purse? Power Rangers that are nothing more than a bad knockoff of one of the greatest cartoons ever made...Voltron! Since 2000, what have we got? CG/Cartoons and bad remakes like the new speed racer. Lets not forget all of the yugio, digimon, i attack you with my spinning top or deck of cards full of monster shows. Now those alone make a decade of hell. Ok, Inuyasha, Dragonball Z, Avatar I'll give you. But what else is there? You are unfortunate to not have lived through what you refer to as a hell hole of a decade.

On another note, if they don't stick to the story line of the Voltron Force, then they are doing injustice. The Galactic Garrison and Alliance premise is the only way to go!

Anonymous said...

John:You go super geek!Tell those young punks about the good old days!I totally envision you as Michael Mcdonald from Mad Tv,playing the character that spazes out in defense of his favourite actors and shows.

Dan said...

Earth? Srsly?.... I'm breaking out my coathangers right now, I smell a total abortion coming up. 'Voltron' took place on a completely fictional planet, and the Lions/Voltron were remnants of an ancient, once-great civilization. No Planet Arus? No Planet Doom?!? Earth? For f**k's sake. Stop running our childhood cartoons into the ground, Hollywood!

Anonymous said...

Volton movie will be a must see for all of us that grew up in late 70s and the 80s. I dont care if the story takes place on earth or on a planet like it. Just please,please stick with he original pilots, keith, lance, hhunk, piege, and Spen. Dont put that dam princess in my blue lion. At least not right away. We played voltron as kids and I was Spen and the Blue lion. That bitch screwed me.
Regardless it will make alot of money. Lets Go Voltron Force!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to make a comment about the Transformers Moive. I it was not a bad movie but i do think they did mess it up from the T.V. series. First of all Optimus never would lose to Megatron strait up he would always have to cheat. Second the back story of the T.V series was much better. It actully used really life problems to teach lessons like when Optimus used to look up to the Ddecepticons when they frist where made and so on. The cube thing is a lame quick back story for the times. anyways they better keep voltron to the original series back story.

cath said...

Great! I will definitely watch the film. One of the best Japanese animated TV show.

fresk said...

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