Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lion Force: Getting to know Pidge pilot of the Voltron Green Lion

Pidge is the youngest and smallest of the group; he pilots the Green Lion that forms the left arm of Voltron, and wears a green uniform.Pidge went to Galaxy Alliance Academy to become a space explorer. He is the pilot of the Green Lion. He is the youngest and shortest memeber of the team. He is approximately 12 years old. His specialty is science. Like the others, he is well-trained in martial arts, and uses his size and agility to his advantage. Pidge is not afraid to speak his mind, especially to the villains, and his heart is often in his words. Pidge has a twin brother, Chip, who is a member of the Vehicle Voltron Air Team. Pidge was remarkably agile despite his outward geekiness.

Pidge is highly intelligent, but his curiosity and youthful mischief can get him into trouble. He is very caring especially to children. He also can communicate with Allura's mice. He is also the only one able to keep Hunk out of trouble. His best friends are the mice and Hunk.

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