Saturday, July 14, 2007

Voltron Live Action Update

In the past months Justine Mark's review of the latest script rewrite for Voltron Live Action was described as follows:

“The script has the tone, edge and dark elements of GOLION. Mark Gordon is going to have a bidding war on his hands with Voltron after TRANSFORMERS opens.”

GOLION was the source of inspiration for Voltron when it was created for the US Audience. This is dark, aggressive/violent and nto for the younger audience which Voltron was intended for. A Voltron that kicks even WAY MORE ass and I think is better than Transformers.

There are cast announced for this Voltron Movie. 2008 is still a tentative date because up to now there is still no big time new about voltron.

“This updated telling of the VOLTRON story follows a team of space explorers who travel to the planet Arus and learn how to operate Voltron, the last hope against the evil Drule Empire that has subjugated Earth and taken control of the universe.”

but regardless of when and who are the characters.. i'll be waiting here.. updating you guys!

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KiethBlackLion said...

I've read the review for the movie, and it's going to suck. The characters are way off base, the setting is a cliche over used in Hollywood today. This movie is similar to Voltron in name only.

Many other fans share similar feelings. Just check out and look for the Justin Marks script thread.

I hope the next several drafts of the script improve.

Cãmê£ C®úšhê® said...

I have too read the review, its not the VOLTRON I grew up too.
Voltron what I remember is the space explorers, planet arus, Princess Allura, Keith and the gang. WHY, cant it be like that. You knoW?

Maybe, U have a second opinion

KiethBlackLion said...

I've had the opporunity to read the script and I have to admit that my feelings have changed.

Instead of hating the movie, I feel that it could work with some tweaking and polishing.

Check out my review of it on my homepage. There are major spoilers, but readers will get a better understand of the set up why the characters behave the way they do.